ZD 454

by Peri John

zd nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Category: Fashion

Published: Saturday 22nd of April 2006 08:21:12 AM


John Peri
Peter, it's hard to take photos in full sunshine without reflectors etc, which I don't use. This was one of the first photos taken .. the ones indoors were taken the next day.

Stephen Merchant
Great Shot...You mastered one of my favorite types of shots...Outside using natural light. The expression is priceless and her eyes are amazing. One of my favorite photos of yours. Thanks Stephen

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Your new friend is very charming and beautiful too. Nice shot.

Peter Meade
Hello John, your new friend has the most beautiful hair. Although the contrast has suffered a bit with the strong sunshine, the care and precision of the pose makes this a very sweet portrait. I don't know in what order the shots were taken and posted, but in this image she is looking very comfortable with the camera and very relaxed. Regards. P

A.K. Sircar
Very good portrait,John. I like the composition and light.

Peter Meade
Hello John, I know that problem with reflectors and equipment. I'm trying to teach my son to be my helper with cards and lens changing, but reflectors would be just too much trouble. P

johnwat leo
just Wowwwwww no words

John Peri
Natalia ... just a photo taken in the garden ..

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