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Published: Saturday 22nd of April 2006 06:23:18 AM


Alon Eshel
Beautiful portrait with lovely expression . Your model are always soooo unique

Alon Eshel
I don't agree with you John :) , I have noticed all your models have a unique face . It's obvious it take a good photographer to capture it and to make the best of it and You do it excellency

John Peri
... well, maybe I chose models that I can identify with then .... :-)

Tore Nilsson
Nice picture of a pretty girl. I agree with John, every model have something special, but it takes skills from the photographer to bring it on, and you good at that. Best regards Tore

John Peri
No model is unique Alon, but they all have something special which the photographer can try to capture ...

John Peri
Portrait of a friend Middle of the room with window light and some bounce fill in flash off the camera ..

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