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Published: Friday 21st of April 2006 09:24:40 AM


Daniella Puente
Excellent! composition, light and strong...

Amar Khoday
First thing I noticed was that lovely long hair which stands out against the background. I indeed like the triangular composition too here.

Kelvin Bernard
Yes John. The triangular composition works really well here. Regards, Kelvin.

Filip Pizlo
Now this is very good... it stands out from the rest. Not too sharp, yet not too soft. Nicely done.

Janusz Kwiatkowski
Yes, the composition here is great. There is something disturbing in her eyes, however. Or maybe it is just me being picky ;)) It is a wonderful portrait, anyway. Regards, jk

John Peri
I think that both the ancient Egyptians and the Aztec were right about the Pyramid. There is something very positive and energetic about the form and I use it a lot in my photography !

John Peri
Portrait of a young lady Gorgeous hair which can enter into the composition ...

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