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by Peri John

zd nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Thursday 20th of April 2006 11:10:29 AM


Ferdinando Mondino
Noce portrait.

Massimo Santoni
John Uh! therefore I'm unlucky or incapable to find the right girls. I also live near Roma... tell me the truth: She lives in Roma but is she italian?? :)) Now I understand... You have stolen my "girl next door"!!! :)))

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Two things are most interesting to me.
Firstly, the tone of the shot. Its really very soft and with a greenish touch, specially in the hair.
Secondly, the pose of this lovely model. Great bend of the body ..... it very appealing. Lovely shot.

Tarmo Siirak
Pretty friend You have ... :)

Jon Bevan-Pritchard
John, Yet another great discovery here. I find so many of the beautiful Women that you photograph very appealing. The way you have presented her reminds me of Nastaja Kinski at 19. Very Beautiful. By copy to Massimo, I visited Roma 20 years ago and I was very taken with the number of exceptionally beautiful Women, keep asking and I'm sure you will find a Girl like this 'next door.' ;-)

John Peri
She lives in Rome Massimo !

Kristian Ghizzoni
kri you have a pretty friend... Good portrait, beautiful eyes...

Massimo Santoni
Super soft light and super model! nice pose and I like very much her appealing look. Only one thing: the image is too much small. PS Thanks for the visit at my portfolio... I like the portraits but I find only Old people and childs to shot... Young italian ladys are fearful with the camera!

John Peri
Mark, my "phone numbers" are all in code .. they represent the real hard work and copyright, not my photos which are the easy part .. :-)

John Peri
Expression .. In the photo above, she wan't really posing, she asked me "will it do if I pose like this" .. when she finally settled down it was not as good. Here, she was dancing to Shakira .. nothing to do with the photo session ... in fact she chased me away with a kick after I took the picture !

Marc G.
:-) Fun story. I'm not all that surprised, that she meant "if I were to pose..., would it do ?" Sometimes, people who are almost to shy to really pose end up being "naturally narcissic", if this makes any sense. The results are often surprising and interesting... In her case, I'd say very sexy as well. The picture at top of this thread is "dead simple", but it works great because she has a great the right expression. That's, to me, what portrait photography is often all about. Much is often "too" much... As for the phone number, well, I wasn't expecting the digits to come my way...:-) But I'd really be glad to take pictures of this beautiful person... Ah, well... :-)

Marc G.
Imho, this model has something special: VERY powerful expression and great natural beauty... If you lose her phone number, feel free to let me know where...:-)

Jonathan Charles
Even in your fantastic portfolio, this stands out as exceptionally beautiful. Congratulations to both you and your friend. Best wishes, Jonathan

Philippe Carly
7/7 John ! To me this photo really stands out in your great portfolio. Cheers.

John Peri
Portrait of a friend Simple setting, white wall with bounce flash ...

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