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Published: Wednesday 19th of April 2006 09:48:41 AM


Drew Jackson
Huge The colors really catch the eye and beckon the viewer to look closer. IMHO the sun flower is too centered. I would like it a tad off center. Wonderful detail and exposure.

Seven Stuartson
With this dof & colourful bg, you could even crop the lower 1/2 of the sunflower & be left with a tighter alternative. (Light's diffused, even and reasonably soft - what was the experiment?)

Paul Chepikian
Dear Wayne & Seven: Now that's what I call "comments." Don't get too many "real" comments it seems. Thanks for the input. Having visited both of your portfolios, I respect your work and your opinion(s). With regard to what was the "experiment," maybe I overstated it. The fact is that this image was shot with the camera set on bulb. The shutter was left open on a tripod and a flash burst was set off bouncing of a white board. I did also fill in some dark spots within the purple flowers by cloning. I know that might offend some "purists" but my thoughts on new technology and new creative mediums is explained in my bio. I plan on returning to both your sites and taking in more of your amazing work(s). Thanks again for taking the time.

Wayne Melia
I would guess that the experiment was combining multiple exposures (from a fixed point of view) with different focus. As such, it is a success in that the whole picture is in focus.
The result, IMO is somewhat surreal to the point of being jarring, especially given the chromatic contrast between the complementary colours. Neither good nor bad from an aesthetic point of view, depending on the intent.

Paul Chepikian
A bounced light... An experiment in lighting. Comments welcome...

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