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Published: Wednesday 19th of April 2006 08:59:18 AM


Markos George Hionos
Appeals to me ..lovely minimalistic shot !!..the wall texture the colors are Fine...i like this image .

Paul Chepikian
Chris: I couldn't have said it better myself. Recently, I had a very dear friend ask me why a picture that I took in China of a stairwell with sunlight coming through and reflecting off walls and floors was, well, artistic and as he put it, nice? I was at a loss for an answer. It's like this image. It's either a photo of concrete with some old paint on it that's peeling or... thanks Chris and Markos, I appreciate the affirmation :-) I've quickly visited both your sites but I plan on going back for some quality viewing. What I've seen briefly is wonderful and I'm looking forward to my visit.

Chris Wick
Agreed This is one of those pictures that, if you show it to a 'non photo' type of person, you get a bemused, blank look and an "Oh that's quite good" - which really means " Why the hell did you take a picture of the wall?" But I really like it.

Paul Chepikian
Cracked Yellow One of those personal favorites that may or may not appeal to others. One never knows. Comments welcome...

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