Leery of the "Ugly American" Photographer

by Downs Jim

leery of the ugly american photographer india seeking critique downs jim

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Published: Tuesday 18th of April 2006 05:44:31 AM


Shweta Banerjee
Nice expression capture. She looks annoyed about her selection as the photgraph subject. Was she crying just before you released the shutter? Her eyes look teary and very communicative.

Cherlyn .
You have captured the annoymity expression of the reluctant subject. Her bright clothes contrast very well with the bg.

Jim Downs
She seemed very sad but she wasn't crying.

Markos George Hionos
excellent !!..the colors , the kid ,the expression , lovely !

Sarah Underhill
Very nice shot. Her eyes have something to say. I am sure it had nothing to do w/ the fact that you are an American. How would she know? Of course,if you are really ugly-well maybe you scared her....or where you wearing a shirt that looked like our flag?...hmmm...

VĂ­tor Cid
Great photo.

Baerbel Kavanaugh
Wow! Great image, great expression. Based on her beautiful dress, jewelry and back ground, she is not exactly a ghetto child. She looks defiant to me, like "hey, I did not allow you to take my picture!" :)

scott clarke
Excellent portrait, fantastic details and color.

Alec Ee
Powerful and nicely done.

Jim Downs
Suggestions? Thanks

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