View Through Wrought Iron Gate Ornamentation

by Downs Jim

view through wrought iron gate ornamentation india seeking critique downs jim

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Published: Tuesday 18th of April 2006 05:40:45 AM


Chris Wallace
Hello. Bear in mind, I'm not a pro; however, I did feel compelled to comment. IMO, it doesn't quite work. Apparently, you couldn't get a dead on front centered view. But that's o.k. Unfortunately, the iron gate shows too much perspective from one side. Not only that, but the light reflection in the iron distracts from the subject: the temple. I believe that you are trying to frame the temple. Perhaps if not for the off center perspective, it may have worked. Chris

Jim Downs
Chris - I was thinking pretty much what you have put in to words. I had armed milita standing on either side of me so I composed the shot quickly fearing that would say "stop" at any moment. I made some PS adjustments to the perspective of the ring and fear I made it worse, not better. Thanks for the comment.

Chris Wallace
What can you say- you get what you can get 8^D. Looking at it again, I would have to say that pulling as good of focus on the iron gate as you did while maintaining a sharp focus on the temple is a pretty fair accomplishment. Good day. -C-

A.K. Sircar
I agree with Chris. Very good shot,notwitstanding slight distraction.

Jim Downs
Does This Work? Thanks for comments.

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