"Slashin' Nash"

by Tsoi Wilson

slashin nash seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 11th of April 2006 10:51:08 PM


Will King
Kobe's MVP hands down. This is awesome Wilson. Can you give us more details on what you did to achieve this effect? I think what would have been cool is if you did some selective coloring. Leave the color in Nash and have everything else B&W.

Howard Dion
Alright! Blink of an eye! Good one.

John Seward
Nothing more needs be said. The NBA might come a callin'! They could use you.

John Marco
Handheld? Indoor handheld? this is great!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson I know absolutely nothing about basketball or it's players, but I do see that this image is really creative. He looks rather "ghostly". Your creative choice to desaturate the color, the gray motion blurs, etc. My only complaint.....I want to see the rest of his left leg & foot. The positioning of his arms shuttles my eyes right down to the ball, but the action stops there because he lacks the other foot. Maybe that was the point, because he looks like he's being blocked rather aggressively. I can only imagine how difficult it might be to capture the action of a basketball game, so I am amazed you were able to capture anything at all, especially such action :) But.... I really do love your creative color choices, very different & unique :)Maybe instead of "Slashin" Nash it should be "Flashin" Nash ? LOL

Elina Kangas
Excellent! Very beautiful. I agree with Jayme - except that I don't have any complaint =) The crop is great as it is.

Paula Grenside
Wilson, I am not a fan of sports shots, but, boy,m this is awesome. There's dynamism in its being.

Frank Melchior
Neat Awesome Post processing, Don't let SI see this , they may hire you, then we'll never have time to shoot together. Great art work, Wilson.

Patricia Hall
Very special. I adore your skills!

Cherlyn .
I am not a basketball fan but sure enjoy your action shots. Excellent!

Scott Jenkins
Nice Touch Wilson, Great technique. It is alway nice see new and creative techniques. Regards, Scott

Pnina Evental

Ken Beilman
Wils, This is a very creative image and not something that you'll see in the sports section of any newspapers. The bias on PN against sports images extends to even creative pictures such as this. God bless you for following your artistic instincts without regard for the expected rating bias.

Pnina Evental
Interesting BG., what makes the image for me.

Jason Williams
Awesome shot and composition, nice work, great tones. The original is also awesome. I love the sense of motion in the posting!

Andy Glogower
This is certainly worthy of an Si cover! Amazing and creative work. Thanks for inspriing us all. Nash for MVP #2!

Jon Thornton
Excellent blur and toning.

I M Jorcano
Movement and determination , very creative I like it . Recuerdos desde Espa´┐Ża Ignacio

Iren Nagy
Awesome and "flashy" capture. Such a tough shot to capture~ and you've done it beautifully. I confess...I have a soft spot for one of our own "Island grown" talents and so do admire Steve's tenacity, hard work and humbleness. He is a true star and deserves receiving the MBA...twice! Cheers~ Iren

Wilson Tsoi
"Slashing Nash," Phoenix Suns guard on the move Steve Nash, NBA's 2005 MVP, having another solid year and leads MVP vote again this year. Competition will be from Lakers' Kobe Bryant and Miami's Dwyane Wade. Feel free to vote or give your thoughts.

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