Bricklayer's Assistant

by Downs Jim

bricklayers assistant india seeking critique downs jim

Gallery: Asia - Southern - India - Dehli, Agra & Naggar

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Published: Tuesday 11th of April 2006 06:14:49 AM


Hashim A
Good one...

Pawel Sawicki
Too less is shown here to understand this scene. The hands and head is cut and this is not really good here.

Baerbel Kavanaugh
I think we see enough to get the picture, we see what is unusual and interesting for western eyes. You caught the essence of the scene, and you did so in a humorous way. I like it! :)

Ed Harris
Great image for a taxi cab snatch. The framing is great. It completely captures the scene. A tack sharp version of this shot would be tremendous. Next time, right?

Birte Ragland
I still could not get unto the link, but I am assuming you meant this one,even though its not tack sharp it still sends the message.I had the same problem getting the driver to slow down,Indian drivers and the traffic are chaotic.

Jim Downs
More than a head on her shoulders I shot this at point blank range from a moving taxi. Granted it is not a technical masterpiece but I think it still says something. At a minimum it proves that at least some women have more than a head and a hat or a burka on their shoulders!

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