The Baby Taj

by Downs Jim

the baby taj india seeking critique downs jim

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Category: Architecture

Published: Tuesday 11th of April 2006 06:10:05 AM


Theo Jacobs
The black border is about right, but I would try to bring back the color & detail in the dark part by locally adjusting the gamma. I did a quick PS retouch to show what I mean - see attachment. You need to be careful with masking but it's worth it IMHO. Another thing, but I don't think that can be corrected in PS, is that in shots like this you have to take care the symmetry is perfect - deviations are easily noticeable. The peculiar thing in this photo is that the palace is perfectly centered relative to the frame, but not relative to the foreground columns. That's explained by the fact that there's more of the columns visible on the right.

Sadegh Miri
Very nice Capture! Prefect framing! Best regards Sadegh

Kartik Pashupati

Very nice framing and composition. I like the black border the way it is.

It looks as if you got lucky with the sky. It was pretty grey when I went to the Taj in 2008.

Nice work!

Jim Downs
Precursor to the Real Taj Is the black border too much, too little or just about right? Thanks.

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