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by Peri John

zd nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Monday 10th of April 2006 08:05:39 PM


Deniz Atilla
Nice shot, I wish it was more larger!

Alon Eshel
Very sensual shoot , Beautiful expression

Albinas Balzekas
Wonderful color make for a spectacular portrait! Outstanding photo!

Janus T
Very nice!

John Peri
Deniz and the others, thank you. As I have said several times already on these pages, I always post my work small so as to stop it being reproduced, which is to be recommended with glamour work. I thank you for your understanding.

Lionel Dupre
Hi John, It's been a while since I last comment one of your images. This one caught my eye because of your model's upwards look, and the erotic power of the slight uncovered breast. Of course, the tones are flattering, and warm, but the beauty is really in her eyes. One wonder about the cutting black border at the bottom of the image ? I find this disturbing. Cheers, L.

Vi P
I am not sure about the line at the bottom, John. The rest is marvellous! And... she is so very beautiful.... For once, I see that its not always bad to sunbathe in a swimming costume ;)

Arthur Baas
Really original composition.

Bob Kurt
Superb !

Balthazar Lefebvre Maisch

dear John

I missed this one. and just passing to tell everything is perfect in it.

may I suggest you to try more shoots like this one too.

see U in paris un jour par hasard...

best regards

balthazar m.

John Peri
.. another perspective .

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