"Millennium Park IV"

by Tsoi Wilson

millennium park iv seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 7th of April 2006 09:56:05 PM


Howard Dion
You should sell this to Prudental. They can hang it in the lobby.

Vincent K. Tylor
I liked your "Night Moves" tilted version more that this one because it was a simpler image, I believe. In my opinion Wilson, it seems that the tilt is more effective if the image is rather simple with less going on. Here, in this case, it is perhaps TOO busy for the tilt to work as well. I seem to get somewhat dizzy trying to figure out what it is that I am actually looking at. Of course there could be -other- reasons why I am getting dizzy looking at this, suich as doing to manay things at one time... I do like the color scheme here though. Now, time to get off the merry-go-round... Alooooha.

Toni Houtz
I like this, its really interesting and clear. nice work

Ken Beilman
Wilson, Like the other versions, as Jayme commented, it's maybe a little busy but that's the ONLY criticism that I can think of. But she makes a really good point about how the composition is consistent with the complexity of the place. The colors, clarity, and detail are just awesome in this image. And boy, is my face red after reading such nice things about me from Jayme. I am so flattered by such remarks coming from such a quality person!!! Channel mixer? I'm going to have to explore that option. You've always have something to teach me, exalted one.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson Hum.....You know I love diagonals :) This one is really creatively captured. The composition, while admittedly it is busy, is appropriate for downtown Chicago :) Busy place! The color scheme is super. I would not have thought rose & yellow/orange would be so attractive together, but they are! The lines cutting through the image give me a feeling of "stained glass". I like that! What is that strange building that creates the "square" shape in the upper left? Neat! That "square" just jumps out at me, I guess because it creates a wonderful contrast to all the diagonals. Neat, neat, neat! The more I look the more I see. Are you using a "star" filter or is it an "in camera" option. I like the effect. I had a camera, about 4 back, that had an "in camera" option for this. I do not have a "star filter". I know how to create the effect in PS, but it would certainly be easier if I had one :) I swear, as soon as I learn to ride my new bike, we're driving to the outskirts of Chicago. There, I will park my bike & let T drive into Chicago (I'll be on the back, looking at the back of his head:)) We would love to meet you there, take you to dinner & then you'd feel obligated to let me follow you around :) LOL

Julio Segura Carmona
6/6 Excelente trabajo, belleza de luz , color y un bello encuadre, magnifica composicion, un cordial saludo Wilson.

James Kazan
I don't think anything by Gehry can be too busy. I like the colors, lines and your tilting perspective.

Nice one

Gino Tumbarello
7 7

Neil Murray
Splendid ,6/6 I'm the "no tilt" man, Wilson, but rich colours and nice composition. Very good indeed. Time for some more sports shots. Regards, Neil

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson- That sounds good to me :) Maybe we can encourage Ken B. to come along. Met Ken last night at his annual Jazz Fest. Geez.... what a multi-talented person! Simply Amazing! His images are so amazing in person, the internet does not begin to do them justice! Awesome! Then add to that he is a physician & musician & writes music...... geez..... Truly amazing! I am humbled :) Thanks for the explanation of the "star" patterns. How come mine never turn out this good? :) Must be the person "behind" the camera!

nghj wgfvh
very very very very very great !!!!! incredible ! hey thats really cool! congratulations!

Wilson Tsoi
After work at "Millennium Park." Got off Metra train, roamed around a little and took this before walking back to hotel. Feedback is welcome.

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