Twins. FONY artwork release /copyright All Rights Reserved

by Siro Anton Seth

twins fony artwork release copyright all rights re seeking critique siro anton seth

Gallery: TWINS

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Fine Art

Published: Thursday 6th of April 2006 05:11:52 PM


Pat Hilander
Cool! Nice, graphic digital art.

Kim Slonaker
Very interesting - I can't stop looking at it. Quite creative!

Alexander Kharlamov
I like the idea, you graphic skills are fantastic. THe only thing that I don't understand is why your twins look so different, what's the meaning of this work for you? Every artist, thinks in something when makes a piece of art, what were u thinking? I'm one of the many that love your work and see you as an example to fallow. I would be very happy if you see my work, I do some digital alterations too, any comment or advice from you is very welcome.Regards

Seth Siro Anton
twins thanks

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