Renaissance part III . forthcoming cd artwork release.copyright All Rights Reserved

by Siro Anton Seth

renaissance part iii forthcoming cd artwork relea nikon af s siro anton seth


Tags: renaissance iii forthcoming cd artwork nikon af-s ed 17-35mm f28dif rights reserved wwwseth-designcom kodak dcs14n san disk ultra 512 mb san disk ultra 512 mb releasecopyright seeking critique

Category: Fine Art

Published: Thursday 6th of April 2006 04:10:30 PM


Dexter Dee Dee
Interesting work, DDD

Marketa Hoskova

Nono Guirado
Excelent combination of photogaphic and pictorial technique... great personal web too

Dariusz Nowicki
i like it

David Vives
Great work. I like all, texture, colours, originality... FANTASTIC!

Mikael Waller
wow really good work I love the motive

Pulok Pattanayak
Excellent PS work!

Jesus Ayala
Aweson! Beautiful Idea, Design, Compo, Just GREAT! Congratulations. Jesus

Marita Toftgard
love it... brilliant work..marita

fred moore
In Awe!!! Absolutely the most striking and beautiful work I've ever seen! Is it all in photoshop?

Bilgo jol production -Rouzes-
+/+ Bravossimo !!!

David Brown
Graphic Art Great graphic art, but not a photo in my opinion.

dzsh rdydtii
Wow Nice composition! I like the tones and your fantasy! well done Gaetano

Lee Jianmin
Innovative and creative and artistic. Love it!!!

Ben Goossens
Wow I love it:-)))) Regards, Ben

John Falkenstine
The netsite is a treat as well.

Haleh Bryan

Camilo Poveda Benavids
exelent work Nicely done, i think that yu manage to exprece your emotion in this compocition. camilo

Jana Vanourkova
Great art ! perfect intriguing image, cheers Jana

Razaq Vance
7\7 nice art...regards

Huy Tran

Marta Eva LLamera
Great! Excellent image in all. Regards.

Dushan B. Hadnadjev
Yes, creative and artistic work! d.

Julio Segura Carmona
7/7 Aunque no entiendo mucho de este tipod e trabajos tan tecnicos, he de decir que es magnifico, tanto en la elaboracion, y hacertado tema,un cordial saludo siro.

John North

Hugh Croft
magnificently good

Adela Medunova
great idea, i love it

Anja P.
This is great. Stunning!

Hekate Hek
This is TOO good !!

Alan C
Second vote for: "Great graphic art, but not a photo in my opinion."

Didem Gecegezer
I love butterfly and eyes.Beautifully.

Dinene Wolf
Great Work I love this composition. I really enjoy looking at photographic collages but have never had much luck doing them myself. Can you refer me to a good tutorial or book that will help me learn how to do this? I am familiar with photoshop but not to the point of doing work like this. I love your work. I am new to Photo Net and I am having a great time look at all the photography. I love the textures and colors in your composition. It's feminine but yet masculine. I love it!!! Thanks for sharing. Dinene

Daniel Kennedy
I love Serenity's album as well (which uses this art as the cover).

Seth Siro Anton
Renaissance thanks

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