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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


John Peri
... and the version that I gave her to be framed ..

John Peri
.. and from there, I guess it's quite easy to turn it into a cartoon figure ..

John Peri
... with the assumption of course that we are supposed to be having fun with our photography .... :-)

Pawel Sawicki
The girl is lovely and tempting, the photo well composed, but the colours are a bit to "dolly" like.

John Peri
Beautiful girls Vladimir? but they are simply everywhere .... and all women have beauty in them anyway, the role of the photographer is simply to try and bring it out. As for luck, everyone has luck also, the thing is to try and grasp it at the right moment (I'm still learning :-)).

Michael Murchie
Another great portrait of another amazing beauty! Mick

John Peri
Portrait .. of a friend ..

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