Little Lava Lake, Cascade Lakes Highway, Oregon

by Raman Vishwanath

little lava lake cascade lakes highway oregon raman vishwanath

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Published: Saturday 10th of November 2001 03:32:53 AM


Vishwanath Raman
Thanks for your comments. I did not intensify the colors. The image is pretty much the way it looks in the original slide. Velvia does produce color saturation to my liking.

Eric Jordan
I like the cololration. The vapors are excellent and kind of ghastley. Well done.

Paul Chiu
Liked the composition and lighting. Would like to see the foreground just a little darker though.

Bruce Olsen
Nice light, very atmospheric. Have you intensified the color with Photoshop, perhaps?

Steve Strawn
Oddly enough, I would have liked a bit more contrast in the foreground, though. This IS dramatic and has strong impact. Very nice.

boochap sl
9/9 and more Most of your shots under this folder certainly deserve more than the existing ratings...i'll rate it 9/9.

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