Birch Arbor

by Downs Jim

birch arbor seeking critique downs jim

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Category: Landscape

Published: Sunday 2nd of April 2006 10:06:09 PM


Benjamin Perkins
Unbalanced = NICE Jim, I like looking through the critique forum and I look for shots that catch my eye. This one has done it! I think that the unbalancedness of the trees gives it something that a lot of photos like this one lack in - variety. I also like the side-lighting from the setting sun. This shot makes me want to see what is beyond the end of the trees. It draws my eye to the end of the trees and then makes me notice the details of the path and the trees themselves. Nice work; well done!!! Blessings, Benjamin Perkins

Alexandre Guerra
Very good sense of depth. The unbalanced composition works well for me, but I believe that a centered one would look great too. The warm light is very inviting. My only suggestion would be to shot it from a lower position, catching more of the inner branches along the path. Regards, Alex

S Spencer
Jim, Beautiful shot. Lovely colors,textures, and balance to rule of thirds.

A techincal suggestion: Submit your original at around 850 pixels on the long side at a setting of 72dpi (yes, I know the dpi applies to printing and shouldn't make any difference,but it does). Your original size on this one is way too big. I think this shot is even better technically than it looks here, and it looks good except in larger size.

-Steve Spencer

Jim Downs
Question Would it be better if the foreground of the two rows of trees began at the same point or does the unbalanced look work. Thanks

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