solitude sounds

by Shaman Evgeniy

solitude sounds shaman evgeniy

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Published: Sunday 2nd of April 2006 04:44:18 PM


Jon Gausdal
A great expression and quite original. I like this!

Tiffany Brook
I must sound redundant saying "beautiful tone and texture", but your images always evoke stories for which I cannot find words. As always...beautiful work.

Bianca Van Der Werf
Wow, truly amazing photograph!! Beautiful atmosphere!

Anders Hingel
Let me try to put words on what at least I see and feel when looking at this very good photo. ?Sounds of solitude? is a perfect title for the scene. One can hear the tones she might not actually play but which she herself hears. She is elsewhere. Her face and her eyes being the sole sharp elements in the scene catch ones eye immediately in a surrounding and background of blurred objects of daily life that seem to indicate that the situation is not beyond us. All very very good Evgeniy.

Owen O'Meara
Solitude. This is simply brilliant. You remain the best photographer on this site. -Owen

luna zhou
Her expression seems to be so sad! your photo give me so much thoughts!

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