One day in paradise # 4.

by Amelkovich Igor

one day in paradise nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Thursday 30th of March 2006 01:20:52 PM


David Shelby
Always excellent work_man_ship.

Fran Garcia
excellent Igor

Roberto Roseano
Great Shot ... ... as usual. Bravo. mandi, Roberto PS: Looking at your recent pictures I think you could appreciate my portfolio, in particular the folder "Girls on the Rocks".

Dima Oukhov
... golden baby ... !!

megan kunkel
interesting the colors in the rocks and the water are amazing, i think a stark white body would be a better contrast (thats just me) and i dont know if the model is sucking it all in to show off her ribs, but i find it rather disgusting, you should try working with fuller figure models...the body, and the life seem more real that way

Farzad Refahi

This photo is wonderful...

Igor Amelkovich
One day in paradise # 4. August. River in mountains.

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