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by Peri John

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Gallery: Artistic Nudes in black and white 2

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Published: Wednesday 29th of March 2006 03:34:53 PM


John Peri
I call these the "in between shots". I take photos of the models during the pauses and also when they are in preparation or moving from one place to the next. They know this, as I discuss it often when going over my portfolios with them. Some want pictures taken only when they are ready. Others, such as this model, agree to capture "an afternoon in the life of ........" I had left the room to get some batteries. She was standing there smoking and singing along with the music when I got back .. and so I took the photo ..

chaitanya k
i just love the colours in this shot.... very very catching... the mood is definetly there.. howver i think u got a bit too much into this shot. perhaps if u could crop the right side....

John Peri
Thanks Arthur, indeed there is ... and then she put out her cigarette and picked up her wine glass before moving back again into position ....

Arthur Baas
There is more in the 'in between shots' than the eye can catch at first. Cropping on the right? Mmm, no

John Peri
... and a last sip of wine before settling down to pose again ..

Jonathan Charles
A wonderful series, John. I personally prefer the last 2 in terms of composition because of the cropped knees of the first (I guess you had a little more time to compose them).

I absolutely agree with your theory about clothes making people more self-conscious - I often sense that models are kind of reluctant to get dressed again after a photographic session because they have to return to their conventionally "normal" state.

Best wishes, Jonathan

John Peri
That is exactly right Jonathan. They seem to bathe in their acquired freedom and liberation from constraint, social not physical. Thanks for passing by.

John Peri
Thank you Sharon, that is very sweet of you. But you know, it's all very much in the mind. Once a model is dressed again, I find that she will always pull her skirt down carefully when sitting down, not to show her knees ......even if there are still only the two of us present. So I think that it is the clothes that make us shy and not the contrary!

Sharon Jobe
John, I can only dream of being so comfortable in my own skin that I can nonchalantly hang out without grabbing for a cover up! I often wonder what it would be like to have a perfect body, to be admired by many, I would imagine it would be a confidence builder like no other! Anyway, this is so so good, the casualness of the model, the couch, the art, all make for a very genuine portrait. You are amazing John, the lighting is superb, you are billiant!

John Peri
Cigarette pause ... .

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