"Millennium Park III"

by Tsoi Wilson

millennium park iii seeking critique tsoi wilson

Gallery: Travel, USA, Chicago

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Architecture

Published: Tuesday 28th of March 2006 09:54:03 PM


Howard Dion
Somehow this feels like I am moving at the speed of light! This image just feels like hot motion!

Alin Balanean
Definitely, you are the master of the original composition! Outstanding!! One more superb piece in your collection! I think I'll throw my camera from the window! :D My best regards!

Kim Slonaker
Yep, a little too tippy for me, as well (hope I'm not being too technical here!). :) I love the eye-popping colors and detail, Wilson. I hope you're finding a market for this type of image.

John Seward
Wilson, You spent your time in Chicago wisely. :-)

Julio Segura Carmona
Excelente Excelente luz, color , encuadre, perfecta composicion, un cordial saludo Wilson.

Richard Hans
Another gorgeous & terrific piece of art, Wilson!!! Best regards.

Ken Beilman
Wilson Wonderful execution and creatively done. However, I find the composition a little busy for my taste, to be perfectly honest. But that's just my opinion for what it's worth. The image still has quite a visual impact.

Mona Chrome
I have always liked off axis shots and I think you do have several in your portfolio that are very nice. This one, unfortunately, just feels a bit indulgent and I really don't get a sense of why it needs to be like this. The colors are wonderful and, as usual, your depth of field incredible. But the angle doesn't really add motion or immediacy and just feels forced. Now, your manhole cover, a totally different story!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Whoa.... the sky is my favorite color! What can I say, beautiful shot! The starlight effect is perfect. It looks like a magical place.

Lee Jianmin
Impressive and dedicated work. 7/7

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
What a fabulous image, Wils! You have such a wonderfully creative eye for taking something *normal* and making it spectacular. The orange tones add a wonderful finishing touch to the colors in this one.

Wilson Tsoi
Another visit to "Millennium Park" Another try at Millennium Park. Appreciate your feedback.

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