Melon Matters

by Downs Jim

melon matters naxcivan melons azerbaijan seeking critique downs jim

Gallery: Asia - Caucasus - Azerbaijan (& Naxicivan)

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Category: Street

Published: Monday 27th of March 2006 05:16:28 AM


Joao Pereira
I love it !!! Jim, I really do. Congrats

Scott West
I like the separation of the boy and the man, and how the two approach their task so differently. (The little orange color above the boys head is a nit, though.)

Arnulf Johansen
Very nice shot. Though I can't help wondering how it might have worked if you'd crouched down a bit. This way you would have avoided the empty space in the middle and gotten more detail from the boy in the front. Other than that: great!

Pedro Nicoli
great angle. not very commercial though.

Sky Blue
Very good.

Jim Downs
Thoughts? Thanks.

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