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Published: Saturday 25th of March 2006 10:04:29 AM


Alon Eshel
Beautiful portrait . She got such a Pleasant face

Peter Meade
Hello John, this is a beautiful portrait of a lovely model. Peter

Al Li
A classic beauty, wonderful portrait.

Tammy V.
I actually like the empty space. Her expression seems reflective and a bit sad. Leaving in that space makes me wonder what she's leaving behind. Lovely job by you both, John.

John Peri
I tried it this way but finally I think that Tammy is right (nice point about leaving something behind). I guess there are different ways to seeing a picture, but she dominates the frame anyway, however you look at it ..... that's the model's quality.

umashankar pandey
A well exposed beautiful and sensitive model. The space to the right needs to be cropped.

Alec Ee
Love the light on this images John. Super!

C. Daunis
Even in a somewhat melancholic mood your model has a radiant energy, perfectly augmented by your ability to light the scene.

Brad Kim
Great portrait, John.... Excellent work!

Harvey King
IMHO... keep right, not left Have you tried to just trim the left edge just a bit to remove the black frame so all people see is the white frame? please leave the space on the right. it is what make this portrait interesting. Harv

John Peri
Yes, I placed my hand over it, I think that would work too.

John Peri
Portrait of a young lady .

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