"Marina City"

by Tsoi Wilson

marina city seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 24th of March 2006 04:05:04 AM


Philip Turner
Wilson- You are the avowed master of the night and master of multiple imaging for a single finished master. I wondered how you could have used the same exposure for all of the individual images used in combination for this piece? Or do I misunderstand your tech details? The other question I had is how do you get a color temperature calibration for this tungsten based light source? Anyway, it's no wonder we all love your imaging with results like these. My Uncle used to live in one of the 'Marina Towers' you are shooting from, so this is really kind of an interesting return to nostalgia with a modern color twist for me. Excellent work as always.

Marita Toftgard
very dramatic..
amazing work

Alin Balanean
Thank you !! Wilson you are great! I really appreciate your effort and kindness to explain the technique. I hope I'll barely get close to your results. My best regards!

Paula Grenside
What an amazing night shot. A perfect light and, as usual, original composition.

Pulok Pattanayak

Howard Dion
This one goes BAM in a really big way. Again, signature Tsoi.

Julio Segura Carmona
7/7 Excelente luz, color y un bello encuadre,,perfecta definicion, un cordial saludo Wilson.

Francesco Martini
fantastic..suggestive picture!!!!!!

Cherlyn .
Very well exposed shot with lovely colour tones. Esp love the twinkling starry moonlight hanging in the sky.

Alin Balanean
Wonderful Wilson, I'm so gealous ;) I have almost the same camera (mine is A610) but I never could get such great results. I saw that you did three exposures, blendind them toghether...well, I'm very curious to know the technique. I supose I should have some PS skills. I will be greatful is you can share some. I'll keep an eye on your work. ;) Excellent work! Kind regards!

Huy Tran
Very nice shot.

Frank Melchior
Well done Another cool one you brought back, super contrast in those colors.

Hiroya Hamamoto
Title of the movie is "The Hunter". Anyway, I like this very much too.

Pnina Evental
Impressive merge of the 3 shots, and explanation. The last line "talks" !The blue color and form is exquisite.

Kristupa Saragih
Incredible night shot Very good control of exposure Nicely composed

Keith Foster
Great skill and use of blending from a master. Wilson has been a great help to me over the last few months.

Kim Slonaker
Thanks for the lesson, Wilson. Great color and effect as always!

John Seward
Great technique. Everyone else speaks for me.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson- thanks for showing us how you accomplished this. May I ask, if you had shot the middle image in RAW, then adjusted that image to create 2 similar exposures like the 2 sec & 13 sec, would it have resulted in the same effect when combining all 3? Just a thought. The color & composition is wonderful. Makes me feel like I'm in another world. So many things to see! :)

Ken Beilman
Wilson, More wizardry from you to produce such a superb result. I've got CS2 but haven't yet tried the HDR, although I'm aware of it. This image inspires me to try it.

Kevin Bickerdike
Love the buildings but not convinced i like the blue in the foreground..very interesting shot though..........

Mel Resnick
Wilson, another masterpiece and a brilliant composition and use of color. The arc on the left is balanced by the tall building on the right, and all the elements of the image serve to frame the bright moon in the center. You should be named Photo.net's Master of the Multiple Exposure Merger.

Wilson Tsoi
"Hunter," Marina City II & Chicago Skyline Tribute to Steve McQueen chasing bad guy up this building and car plunged 15 floors into Chicago River below. That was his last movie, "Hunter." Feedback is welcome.

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