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Published: Wednesday 22nd of March 2006 04:08:49 PM


David Vorland
The site is rather tolerant of eroticism, but the administrators don't hesitate to take down pictures that, in their opinion, cross the line. So did she wear the watch during her performance? For me, it's what makes this picture.

S. M.
Huh, tough question. Yes she did. The colour combination of the watch and her skin is also one of the reason, why I prefer the colour version.

Michael Sebastian
hmmm.... agree that the watch is the interesting element in this image. Lovely tonality--as much as I like B&W I'm not sure it would work as well in this case. This image is tame compared to some that have been posted here (anyone remember the one of the guy about to sever his manhood with the ornate dagger?)

J.W. Kencke
... I assume that is a "self-winder"? Nice shot that offers the imagination a playground. That's what gets the uptights all stirred up - its their own imagination, not the photos on PNet.

S. M.
Perhaps... She is from Sweden, working in Italy and had a show in Slovenia. I realy hope, that the watch is not the only one that is interesting;) O.K., now I know what kind of photo should I take, if I am going to shot commercial photos for some watch company... Thank's for the comments.

Albinas Balzekas
Very creative and well executed.

Miguel Ramos
Love your photo Love the idea (as you can guess by my early submitions). I like the colours you obtained very much. The skin and watch are fantastic. It's a pitty about the background Cheers Miguel

S. M.
Porn star After her show on the stage, I had about three minutes in backstage to take some photos for one website. I think, I captured interesting detail. I prefere the colour version, because B&W took away some glamour. Therefore, is this photo proper for this site or no? Let me know...

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