One day in paradise # 8.

by Amelkovich Igor

one day in paradise nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Wednesday 22nd of March 2006 11:04:57 AM


Jim Hayes
Igor Alas, you could not hide your style behind color. You, she, both magnificent.JH

Vad Plashevsky
7/7 ...smotry i zabyvayu obo vsem

Jean Stoque
great AMELKOVICH in colors.......................great use of reflector congrats

Kalaga Venu Madhav
very dramatic photograph...

Isaac Madera
Great tones... did you use a flash & gold reflector?

George Enache
a perfect kitsch photo .. but i like it :)

Conte Oliver
7/7 Fantastic shot. Congrats!

Igor Amelkovich
I use one soft-box.

James Vincent Knowles
Paradise... INDEED!

Mike Sirén
My true inspirator Igor has again captured the true meaning of female body. Simply awesome, you are my hero!

Detlef Klahm
the statue of this magnificent model is well placed, well lit...and the background add to the natural inviroment of her being

Stephen Grayston
Superb work Superb work, nicely shot and very clean picture all round.

Timo Hartikainen

Fernando Monreal
Sense of scale Good sense of scale given by the girl, although here i don?t know what is the best the girl or the landscape :)great work again Mr Igor, you create a fabulous illusions. Fer.

Leonardo Villalobos
Perfect !

Sky Blue
Lovely and beautiful image!

Assiah Alcazar Martin
the composition it?s beatifull i8 love the body in the right position of the land,please contact with me if you can i love your style

Igor Amelkovich
One day in paradise # 8. August. Berezyak river.

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