"Different Worlds"

by Tsoi Wilson

different worlds seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Category: Architecture

Published: Wednesday 22nd of March 2006 02:44:07 AM


Lee Jianmin
Wilson, You are Fantastic!!! I love your eyes.

Rich Hugunine
The Bean! This is the most excellent image of the bean and its surroundings I've seen yet! This photo should be part of the Millennium Park brochures!

Bill Foster
WOW! This is one of your best. The geometry of the lines of the rear building versus the curve in the front are fascinating and the distortion in the mirror is just right. I shudder to think how long you must have taken looking at angles to get this just right. Well done.

Howard Dion
The fact that you saw this before you made the image is as impressive as the image itself. This one should be good for lots of tech talk.

Richard Hans
Wilson, simple subject & unusual taking with incredible effect, splendid composition by great visual angle & funny perspective, Really beautiful & nice capture!!! Best regards.

Pulok Pattanayak
Well seen, Wilson. Love the geometrical composition. Regards...

Iva Petkovic
great composition..original!

David Rabinowitz
pleasing balance and comp...

Jon Thornton
Another great architectural shot Wilson!

Jerome RX
Won't bring much to the discussion, i just can say that i find the pic excellent, originality, composition, colours, can't see any flaw in it.

Daily Photograph
Its so relaxing that one can be sure that the control of the parallels on the left of building and frame will be positive :-))The effect on the right - smaller but bigger - is big ... NO! GREAT

alexandra rauh
Fantastic may be even positive,we have a sky.

Alin Balanean
Wow! you "hit" again! Wonderful and original composition, excellent colors and details!

John Seward
You never fail to amaze me Wilson.

Ken Beilman
Wilson, Judging by the results, I'd say you made a good choice by going with the 620. You certainly know how to coax wonderful images from it. How do you feel now about the SD card? I know it was a concern of yours when deciding on a replacement for the A80.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Another creatively wonderful image! Your images of different major cities are so fresh & different. Thank you for showing us Seattle & Chicago & all the other cities from such an elegant & creative way. I for one, am always amazed & inspired :) I truly enjoy seeing the world through "Tsoi Eyes". Destined for greatness! I wish that several of us could all get together for a few days in a common place, like Chicago or Seattle (I love Seattle), follow you around, get pointers & just learn from each other. Wouldn't that be neat? :) Just dreaming!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson- I am slowly but covertly :) influencing my husband in this direction. He loves to travel, but only via his motorcycle :) So...... reaching a compromise might not be a bad idea. He could drive, I could fly, we would meet & everyone would be happy :) LOL His butt would be sore, mine would not! Now we have to influence some others to do the same. Ken B. is having a Jazz Party next month, we are planning on attending, baring any major fiasco. I'll be working on Ken (yes, you Ken) next! :) LOL :) I know Ken went & visited Peter in Chicago, so Peter should be a shoe in if we go to Chicago! What great fun we would have!

Nova Storm
If I had to live in a big city, I'd like to live in one of yours :) There so clean and nice. Love this shot! Rgds ~

Wilson Tsoi
Looks like 2 different worlds? Another Chicago architectural image. Feedback is welcome.

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