ZD 275

by Peri John

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Gallery: Nude Figure Studies

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Published: Monday 20th of March 2006 11:42:47 AM


Rina H
Although in general I also crop heads I prefer here the version with her head. Just an idea - what about cropping above her ellbow ? ( I know broken rule ) great tones btw and model

John Peri
Thank you Rasmus, I did try all sorts of crops and tried to balance out the picture to the best of my ability. I am sure that as you rightly suggest, there are other possibilities too, probably better than mine. Thanks again.

apurba B
nice shot!keep clicking.thanks

David McCracken
Guillotine Your camera doesn't make a very good guillotine John! I don't think people tire of what you post. I feel you saying this is more political than accurate.

John Peri
Many thanks for your comment and your suggestion Rina, I'll try it. But with regards to rules, there are quite a lot of them cited around. Who wrote them?

John Peri
Not too sure what you mean by political David, but you can't please everyone all the time anyway. The point is that if and when the voice of dissention grows, then you must withdraw. It's rather like the student riots in Paris at the moment, which does not mean that the minority should ever have their way either. As for the cropping issue, we have never agreed on that either, and vive la difference. In this case, I don't want you looking at her face but at the difference in tonality. No problem with a full length version if you want it. Frankly, now I look at it .. er .. it may be better but it's not what I had in mind!

tony mitchell
very nice!! beautiful shot

Rasmus Lindersson
Very nice tones. Though I'm not sure about the crop(?), maybe it would have been better if you cut off the whole head and left the complete foot in the picture. But that's just a thought of mine, don't take it too serious.


Tammy V.
John - I keep looking at this photo, obviously very drawn to it. Beautifully accentuated muscle definition. The left arm and right leg seem to mirror the same pose - would like to see more of that right arm to help balance out the strong left leg pose.

John Peri
Good point Tammy, thank you. Ideally, I agree that the right elbow should be further down, leaving the arm visible. I shall definitely change the pose next time..

Howard Nowlan
Howard Nowlan A really enjoyable image - an elegant use of line and form and tone to produce an image that draws the eye and keeps drawing it - good work John.

Tanya Gramatikova
very nice work,I even more like with the head version)) best wishes:tanya

John Peri
Tone A study of muscle tone in a reclining figure.

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