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Published: Monday 20th of March 2006 11:13:25 AM


John Peri
JIM, I wish I had some secrets to trade or not with others. No bracket, the flash snaps onto the camera, but it does swivel around. I must have had the usual setting of around 320 ASA and I think I shot it at 1/250 sec, allowing it to set the opening automatically. The camera is very crafty however, because if there is not enough light, it increases the ASA automatically. KAUSHIK, thank you so much for offering this explanation. I am more than convinced that you meant something different, and I apologize if I seized this opportunity to bring up the issue. I hope you do not mind. My work tends to be repetitive, and I wonder sometimes out aloud if I should continue with the same approach. However, on reflection, I don't think that we should judge others or ourselves by any established set of standards and ultimately we should do what we are each more or less good at and/or enjoy.

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Very honestly I can say, I really love your work, your style and approach to the photography. I always believe that the photography explores with conception. It is an art, and who knows how to draw and paint is called real photographer and he/she should confident enough to his/her own style to walk around with the power of drawing and painting.
In respect of your work, I think you are different to others. I believe you are more confident in this arena and you can easily move through the canvas with your imagination and style which I really like the most. You have a different approach to each and every part of photography.
Now, regarding the question "A quary.....What Next?" you may have misunderstood my version. I just mean to say that as an expression to the model, as she is asking "what next? should I remove the shirt or not?". I am sorry if it heart you by any mean, but one thing I can say very clearly that I cannot dare to ask that question to you by any mean.
I admire your work and do keep you as a photographer in very deep of my heart. Your esteemed comments on my shots help me a lot to improve my self.
You are one of my favorite photographers whom I admire most.

Best Regards.

John Peri
Come now Jim, you have so many models. Indeed, she is the friend of a friend that became a very good friend ... and she lives close by! Jokes apart, she is a natural and could do some modelling to earn some pocket money, but she just laughs when I tell her that. On the other hand, maybe she's good because she is at a friend's house and she can relax and not take it seriously. It's not so easy to photograph her actually because she is dancing most of the time. I switched off the music once and she froze, so that's no good either. I basically have to try and keep the camera moving in synchrony with her .. that's why it's so blurry behind!

Massimo Santoni
Excellent light! And nicely captured as always! Good pose and beautiful model. John, you are really luky! In most cases the girls that I know are very reluctant to make photos. is very difficult to convince them.

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Very well shoot. A query..... What Next? Love the soft light effect on face from the left. Niec blurry effect in the background. Its a beautiful one. Well balanced shot.


Tore Nilsson
I like the style in this picture, sexy without showing to much, nice grey scale good work. Regards Tore

John Peri
Kaushik, that is an excellent question that I have been asking myself for a some time now. Do I move on and try to develop a particular style, am I able to is a more important question, or do I continue simply trying to capture some pleasing images of the various friends that I make. Frankly, I am not bored with what I do, but I more than sympathize and comprehend that others may be so. I do not take your question to be at all derogatory, and you may not even mean this particular connotation that I give it, but it does raise an issue that is of significance to me and I am grateful for the opportunity to address it. Maybe I should simply go on doing what I am doing, after all it is my hobby, and stop posting my pictures here on PN? I have learned a tremendous amount from the feedback that I have received until now and I hope that my photos have changed just a fraction for the better since I began. I had absolutely no idea what a photo critique was before joining, and even less what to do it about it with regards to my photography. Thank you for your enduring patience and support, it's frequently the best photographers that are the most generous with others..

subhadip choudhury
Aggresively Sexy

ric douglas
I talked to a graphic artist recently whom I admire highly. He has excellent work and recently put up a website that is his 'baby' - his lifes love. I accidentally hit him in the heart by asking how he could top his last piece of work, and he went into a similar diatribe. John, keep doing what you love, but don't ever stop pushing yourself get (or keep) an 'edge'. I think this model, and capturing her properly, presents a challenge that you should keep in front of you. Getting a good shot of an active model is great. Getting a good shot of a models lips is great too. Get yourself uncomfortable during a shoot by exploring more. I think you have an enviable command of all the environment variables, so you will produce your next masterpieces with a little more 'pushing'.

John Peri
Portrait of a young lady .

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