Terre di Siena 7

by Egman Mario

terre di siena seeking critique egman mario

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Published: Saturday 18th of March 2006 05:54:13 PM


Sebastian Correa
Just beatiful!!! Like an impressionist painting...

Julie Styles
The different textures in each layer are really amazing - I would say almost like some sort of applique rather than a painting. I love the effect.

Alfredo Machado
Absolutely beautiful colors, composition....all.

Bill Foster
Great composition and all the layers are really fascinating. It looks over-sharpened in the small version, but the artifacts disappear in the larger version. I wonder if you could crop the house out somehow and get an interesting abstract as a second picture? Or a B&W? I think there are four or five good shots here! Anyway, quality work.

Silvia P.
La tua foto mi piace, ma sai cosa avrei provato io? Un'angolazione diversa, tagliando la casa e cercando solo i colori contrastanti del terreno.. Ovviamente, dipende dal tipo di scatto che volevi fare, prendila come un'idea per un'altra foto =)

Karl Schuler
I like the composition of this photo. The colours are gurgeous. It is an excellent photo with fancy proportions. The only distracting thing in this picture are the traces of the tractor which are not in line with the main flow of the fields. Karl

Ali Bagherzadeh
Very nice color I love it

Armindo Lopes
Like a painting. Really nice.

Pulok Pattanayak
A painting. Lovely!

Jeff Henderson
I agree with Armindo both times, like a painting! Nice!

August Horvath
Terrific textures. The image is almost 3-dimensional. The house is in exactly the right place. This kind of classic stuff just makes me jealous.

Jana Vanourkova
Really, like van Gogh... great image, cheers Jana

Josef Tiglezan
7 / 7 Seems to be others too striken by the van Gogh feeling...

Lalit Deshmukh
Great lines and textures!

Dushan B. Hadnadjev
Nice... d.

Claude Corbin
Beautiful earth colors, and then the red roof and the blue shutters! All those lines lead the eyes across the picture in such an interesting way. And you can get several nice images ouf it: The top half by itself, maybe a vertical framed by the tall trees around the house.

Xhengis Aliu
Beautiful colors and textures

hugo tuffen
Very striking, original, finely balanced. I love the twisted contours of the fields.

Tatjana Adizes
Fantastic! Bravo!

Armindo Lopes
Like a painting. Really nice.

Mario Egman
Terre di Siena 7 grazie per le critiche ed i suggerimenti

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