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Published: Saturday 18th of March 2006 05:43:51 PM


John Peri
Yes, certainly Simone and I'm smiling too, because my wife's name is Pucci also!

Alberto Quintal
Lovely smile, pretty girls. Alberto

Aurelien Le Duc
I love this photograph. Maybe a little bit in the middle, but really, the expression of the two beautiful women: I LOVE !

Peter Meade
Hello John, I love that smile, it's the kind that can cheer an entire room. There's a wonderful sense of fun. You must have had a great time in this session. I'm also impressed by your ability to find perfect complexions. Regards. Pete

John Peri
Thank you Peter, wish my complexion was as perfect too! As for the girls, yes we really had great fun, I hope it shows, basically, that is what it's all about. Beyond that, I think that what one sees in a smile is the charm, the sincerity and the kindness above all .... and few people can smile like that with their eyes ..

Simone Pucci
smile and situaction Hi, I want associate myself with the comment before, I hope it will be append to me too one of this day... great picture. (sorry for my english). Simone (Italy-Toscana)

John Peri
Close friends .. A spontaneous and informal portrait of two very good friends .....

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