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Published: Saturday 18th of March 2006 09:10:30 AM


Philippe de S. (Geneva)
Strong lines Nice mixture of strong lines and overall chracater, with sweetness though

John Peri
I am likewise flaterred by your presence Kaushik and grateful also for the standard that you set on PN.

Peter Meade
Hello John, lovely profile. P

John Peri
Hello Peter. Yes, I find that it is an unusual but highly attractive profile.

Frans Geeraerts
ZD234 John, you can see the model is relax, very important, than its possible to make such a shot, i like it. My site: www.visueel.be

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, So simple but asthetically very strong. Love the background in different style. Very much lively shoot. Thanks for your constant support on me and I am really honored to have your valued comments on my shots.
Thanks again.
Best Regards.

John Peri
I never said that you did .. :-) ... The word cliche means "commonplace". As I had already implied further up, I responded again that I find the profile unusual enough to merit this straightforward treatment. In medical terms it is known as prognathism. I guess that a cranked neck look is another way of addressing it, only that is her normal state. That being said, I am certain no offence was meant.

John Peri
Thank you John, but I haven't come across a model with such a cliche of a profile before, and I am grateful for the opportunity that she offered me to take this shot of her.

John Falkenstine
I didn't say it was a BAD cliche :)

John Falkenstine
Beautiful face and very nice exposure, but the cranked neck look is sort of cliche

John Peri
Profile .

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