"Cloud in the Sky"

by Tsoi Wilson

cloud in the sky seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 18th of March 2006 12:55:45 AM


Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
What an interesting abstract.The contrast is so wonderful. Not only is it a contrast in color & texture, but in lines & angles. I have to say it's a winner with me:) Well captured!

Brad Kim
Excellent job, Wilson..... with gorgeous composition!!!

Alexandre Guerra
I can only guess it is a reflection of the sky in some curved glass of a building. Without that cloud I wouldn't have a clue. Very good and original composition. Regards, Alex

Ken Beilman
Another trademark Tsoi - crisp and sharp rotated architecture with a reflection. Very nice image, Wilson.

Christopher Appoldt
Awesome shot, Wilson!!!!! I went down to photograph this a few weeks after the park opened, two years ago when I lived in Chi-town...got an overcast morning and some blah photos! VERY original take on it - been watching the posts on this site of it as it comes up, and there's nothing like this. Awesome.

Howard Dion
Wils, I like this but somehow the balance is off? Not sure what it is. The large blue ball like area on the left seems to overpower the other two elements (the building and the sky). I could be wrong?

James Kazan
Ok, my take on this is that this is some type of reflective surface that is reflecting the sky. Is it a mirror? or some type of metal sculpture? Well there is no telling. I will say that it is another good architectural abstract. So Wilson, what the heck is this?


Christopher Appoldt
Glad to be a first-hand commentator! All of the construction on the sculpture has a long history. Millennium Park was the Mayor's dream to reinvent downtown, and boy-o-boy did it run over budget. Delay after delay, too, with construction. They finally got the auditorium open for concerts and the breezeway area where this is open, but something was incomplete, even still - Cloud Gate had scars! The artist made "the bean" from many sections of metal, and the separate pieces' edges were visible (I'll try to remember to post a pic from the opening). All the times you were there, my bet is they were filling the seams, something they long-promised to do.

John Seward
Wilson I'd have never guessed what it was. Great composition.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
I LOVE this! It's simple and the lines are fabulous. Your blues are almost exactly the same on both sides of the image.

Wilson Tsoi
"A Cloud in the Sky," an architectural abstract. Another architectural abstract, want to guess what it is? ^_^

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