"Chicago Moonrise"

by Tsoi Wilson

chicago moonrise seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Thursday 16th of March 2006 09:02:21 PM


Kim Slonaker
Very nice color and detail, Wilson. The moon is a nice touch.

John Seward
Wilson You put in a lot of work on this shot and it shows. Great job.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
I continue to love your view point of the world we live in :) Eye-catching color, wonderful perspectives & such stately beauty. The water reflections remind me of fireworks, adds awe & dazzle. I like that!

Howard Dion
You work is distinctively yours, second to none. Again, I go back to how you handle color. As Yoda would say, "Truely a master you are!"

Linda Keagle
Wilson On a trip to Chicago in September, we found the architecture to be very inspiring. Roger and I wandered the streets after dark looking for night shots. Only after we came home did people say to us..."You wandered around Chicago at night? With an expensive camera? What are you, nuts?" Not knowing of any danger, we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Cherlyn .
A beautiful starry moonlit Chicago night well exposed with rich colours. Well captured again, Wilson.

Ken Beilman
Wilson Awesome night shot. Shadow and highlight details fantastic. Your combining exposures really did the trick here. That's something I keep saying I should try but have never seemed to get around to doing it. This image inspires me to do so.

Richard Hans
Fantastic evening shot with excellent control on exposure & superb details Wilson!!! Best regards.

Jason Williams
Great light and color, nice composition! Awesome shot!

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you much for feedback, JOHN: Thanks. Glad you like it. BARBU: Thanks for your visit and feedback, Barbu. JAYME: Appreciate your feedback, Jayme. The reflections do look like fireworks. HOWARD: Thanks for your kind words, Obi-One! JASON: Glad you like it, Jason. CHERLYN: Thanks for checking this out, Cherlyn. RICHARD: Thank you much for your feedback, Richard. LINDA: Indeed Chi-Town is architecturally inspiring. I did the same, but didn't feel any danger (I used a small digital compact on this trip.) In fact, I might have been the one that scared occasional passerbys since I often hunched down on the ground on the streets looking suspicious! KEN: Thanks for your feedback, Ken. It really is quite straight forward. Feel free to ask any question you might have when working this process. ANDREW: Thank you much for commenting, Andrew. Happy travel to you, too! BARBU: Thanks for your kind comment! KIM: Very glad you like it, Kim. Wilson ^_^

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Hey - did you guys meet up, Ken & you? Anyway - this is a lovely shot. I like the vertical format ... works well with the lines in the buildings. Wonderful night/city image!!

Wilson Tsoi
Moonrise over Chicago Taken during a business trip to Chi-Town this past week. The strong wind from the lake causes light reflection to streak to the right. Thoughts?

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