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by Peri John

zd nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Category: Fashion

Published: Monday 13th of March 2006 12:03:26 PM


John Mackay
Nice job John, It has a very French feel to it--arty. I feel like I'm seeing a photo of a painter's muse taken inside of their studio apartment. Cheers...John.

John Peri
Thanks John. The 30's French look was intentional. It is the model that is so particularly versatile.

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, A stifling shot. Nice position and the casual mood. Just the tilted photo frame in the wall is a bit distracting. Nonetheless, good shot. Rgds.

Bill Foster
Great. Supremely casual and not nearly as easy as it looks, I'm sure. I don't comment on your photos often, but I see most of them and it's jsut great shot after great shot ....

Dan Roberts
This one hurt! This is a powerful piece of art, but I don't get the feeling of casual relaxation from her that the others do. This shot hammered me with a terrible sadness, a feeling of desperation and hopelessness. The body language, the messily scattered items on the counter, the tilted picture - they all contribute. Your other shots are so beautiful and pleasing, that this one came as a shock. I feel that she has just been terribly hurt and is gazing into her future with terrible dread. She doubts herself deeply. This shot caused me great pain. As an artist, you deeply affected me, but if you intended to create beauty, you achieved the opposite in this viewer. Dan

John Peri
Remembering the future .. Thank you for a very interesting critic Dan. By some really extraodinary coincidence, I just walked in after having dinner with the model and her husband ... I don't think there was any intent at beauty in this picture, hence the title of nostalgia, but whether the reflection is on the past or the future is for the viewer to decide. There is beauty to be found not only in forms but in emotions, and sometimes these are of mixed heritage and result. Pain and joy can intermingle, as in this picture, and more questions can be asked than responses found. I am glad that this image evoked some feelings, but maybe on another day they will differ in the form they take. Thank you for passing by. John

John Peri
Nostalgia �Picture of a model in a sultry mood ....

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