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by Peri John

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Gallery: Strange fantasies

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Saturday 11th of March 2006 11:45:53 PM


Joe Weisbrod
This pose is relaxed and seemingly at ease. The colors are warm, if not overly so. The detail is crisp in the lighter areas, but missing in the low light areas. The caftan and the black-gloved had demurely hides what arguably are the potentially most interesting parts of this image. This is especially true since the model's head and face are out of the frame. In addition, the model's left leg has the sharp-edged outline that gives it an artificial, almost "paper doll" cutout look. I would love to see the image sans caftan and sans glove; the model seems comfortable enough in her own skin to warrant the interest of a viewer's kindly regard. John, thank you for your great work and effort to keep this site as inviting and as interesting as it is.

Raymond Elstad
Hello John, Great image! I love the way the figure is spilling out of the frame and I must admit that I like this version much better than the one you made for the model. I always enjoy seeing your images. Cheers, Raymond

John Peri
Raymond. Many thanks. I am trying a third version too. Joe, that is a very interesting analysis. Thank you very much also. Actually, I don't think that I would wish the photo to be more provocative than this, it's just enough to awaken curiosity. My feeling is that the frustration provoked is a part of it's appeal. We'll see what you think of the next one possibly ...

Conte Oliver
Very good shot! Congrats.

John Peri
Philip, let me begin by saying that you have a delightful portfolio. I remember once writing to suggest that you post your work for critique, so as to get more exposure. I agree that the rating system is totally nonsensical, but it does serve an important function in that it pushes up a photo in the visibility scale and thus increases the chance of receiving comments, which is presumably why we post our work! Personally, I would be overjoyed if everyone just gave me a 4. I find that there is surprisingly little following on PN for out of the ordinary work. Most certainly, originality is much appreciated, but not apparently so when it involves changing the nature of the photo through photo manipulation, so as transform the original image. I do a lot of this work actually, firstly for my own fun and secondly because the models like to have something to show which is less obvious in regards to their own intimacy. Thank you for your analysis of the image above, I very much appreciated it, not just because it's complementary but for showing such understanding for the thought behind the work.

Philip Turner
John- I always like images that break the boundaries of the frame and here you have done so quite literally. Initially I thought your model was draped/covered in money! I realized after I had opened the image that your model was covered by a fur or textile of some sort. It dawned on me that this might be an excellent set of parameters for another of one of your shoots. Of course you'd probably want to use one dollar bills as the model might get carried away with the money! Excellent image and soft diffuse lighting which accentuates the curves and musculature of the model. Superb technical mask job as you've totally integrated the source images with the finished result. I recently tried some unusual cropping with a model on a cloud and sky scene behind her and yet it wasn't very well received. Although a number of people found it striking and out of the ordinary which was exactly what I had been attempting to do. With your image I am an appreciative audience of one at the very least. Hope it is all right that I comment but refrain from rating. Ratings have denegrated the image creation process for me as of late. But I'd give it 6/7 for aesthetics/originality if you want the numbers?

Ramon Martinez

Your work is excellent. But this one is extra particular. Very good.

Best regards.

John Peri
Variation on a theme started earlier today ...

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