ZD 227

by Peri John

zd nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 1

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Saturday 11th of March 2006 06:24:33 PM


Todd Kowalski
Why is the head cut off? I am just trying to understand the point to this sort of image that consists of only body parts of the female form. TK

John Peri
Todd, I had a quick look though your portfolio, in order to see what kind of work you identify with. I was (agreably) surprised to find that it is composed very largely of semi graphic work, consisting largely of bits and pieces of every day life that you have put together in various compositions of shape, colour and form. In reply to your question, as in your images and particularly those that you have taken of people, I think it would be better to focus on what is there, rather than what you consider may be missing. Such was my purpose also.

Bobby Reasons
For some reason your photos are not loading.

David McCracken
See and enjoy! I do absolutely like this as is. I am not so keen on the 'out of the frame' version but this is just my personal preference. There isn't really a lot to say John! This is just one of these pictures that simply needs to be looked at and enjoyed!

Todd Kowalski
Hello John, Thank you for taking a look at my work. I feel a bit silly in asking you what I did in my earlier comment, when I myself do much the same in my own photography, in that I isolate a part of the whole and shoot that. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful response, Be Well, Todd

John Peri
That's ok Todd. You have a nice portfolio. I shall look at it in more detail. Best wishes, John

Tarmo Siirak
This photo shows everything and yet it shows nothing. Very aesthetic and sensual photo. Infact I can imagine this photo on some bedroom wall, framed... Great work :)

Juan Monino
Jonh, this is one of your more inspiring pictures. First, you got the atention of the viewer even tought there are plenny of distracting objects around. second, the color composition is excellent and the combination of the model?s skin with the cloth that hides make te subject(models inside upper leg)even more notorious. Great, great one. I wish one day i could shoot with your quality

Hilary Allen
that's a pretty intense body!! i love the composition and the color. You definitley picked the right color for the border.

John Peri
Composition .. 2 .. made for the model ..

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