A small child fell near his father (a gipsy) and started crying since nobody lifted him up and he couldn't do it by himself...

by Ursu Mihail

a small child fell near his father gipsy and sta seeking critique ursu mihail

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Published: Saturday 11th of March 2006 05:40:16 PM


Richard Vandenberg
I wasn't going to comment, but I feel the need to, and please don't take this personally. I understand the photojournalistic need to record the world around us in all its variations. But the image just makes me think: why the heck would someone take a picture rather than picking up the child? What were the other people doing? I gave this image a terrible rating for aesthetics, but it deserves a 7 for generating an emotional response in me.

Mihail Ursu
"generating an emotional response in me" that was the idea... basicaly this photo is about indiference...about not caring and not doing anything... I was actually considering doing a series of such photographs... I don't take anything personally since I understand the emotions this photo trigers and I know my limitations... Thank you and sorry for the bad emotional impulse...

Richard Vandenberg
Please don't apologize:) A bad emotional response is much better than _no_ emotional response. Plus, I think my rating was rejected :)

Mihail Ursu
It's not about ratings :) and you proably know that...ratings won't make me click the shutter next time and they won't keep my eyes open for things like these... I sincerelly thank you for taking the time to look at the picture,and creating and expressing an opinion about it... Thank you and hope to hear more comments from you, With respect, Mihail URsu

Mihail Ursu
I am not sure... I am not sure about wheather it is worth publishing this photo... but I fell the need to... Hope to get your impressions and opinions...

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