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Published: Friday 10th of March 2006 02:42:48 PM


John Peri
Thanks Rich, but it was a question of sacrificing background for the natural light. This is how she was seated, waiting impatiently for me to get my act together .... !

Rich Hugunine
she's beautiful and it's a good photograph - the curtain between her hair and neck is distracting. Be careful of your backgrounds.

Rich Hugunine
Lighting... Okay - I can see that the natural lighting was very important. However, getting something or someone to hold the curtain up and back out of the frame would likely have posed no huge difficulty and would have improved the photograph. Details details details - it's still a beautiful photograph of a very beautiful woman.

Harvey King
thank you for sharing on how you did it of course, that sense of magic moment is not something readily teachable. Harv

John Peri
Portrait .. of a young friend ... window light.

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