"Strapping Up"

by Tsoi Wilson

strapping up stevens pass seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 7th of March 2006 01:29:49 AM


Brad B.
Works Nice, doesn't look real on first glance, which makes the viewer ask "How'd he do that?" Well done.

Kim Slonaker
I like the depth to this shot and the nice lines leading your eyes down the slope in a natural way. Good detail and colors - well done!

Dexter Dee Dee
Very good colors and I like perspective. DDD

Frank Melchior
Wilson Great shot,I was waiting for a mountain photo from you. Most excellent, dude!

cyrus K
You have done wonders with this composition and capture. The colors, rich blues and the teal is a text book example of a night cature! You did a great job on the capture of the snow as well. Snow is tricky capturing in daylight but night capture, even more tricky I think. You can even see the reflection of his jacket behind him on the snow. My only question is, How the heck did you get him to sit there for 6 seconds so motionless!! I think I can see the effort being made! Well done Wilson.

Ed Harris
Wilson, very cool image. You nailed the exposure of the village at the base and froze the snowboarder. Good job.

Pitman Lee
Wow! thats just fantastic! so dynamic.

Bill Foster
Absolutely perfect! I had to look at it for awhile to get it as I thought it was a solid rail next to him. I can't beleive how you got the exposure perfect in three completely different areas. Nice comp also. So,as someone with a boy this age, which was more difficult: nailing the exposure or getting him to sit still for six whole seconds?

Keith Cottrill
What a great image! Perfect exposure, composition, color. Great job.

Jim Downs
thought This one grows on you. Doesn't seem like much at first glance and then gradually all is revealed!

Sondra Kicklighter
Wonderful image, your son must be dynamite on the slope.

Lee Jianmin
This is Fanastic!! I wonder is it the cable car moving next to the man? Wow!!!This is awesome.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson- when I first looked I was intriqued by the teal streak. I thought, hum... what is that? We have very little snow or skiing here in KY :) Then I realized, chair lift? LOL Better than the dreaded tow rope :) Anyway, Beautiful exposure, wonderful composition. Your son looks so.... very serious! Contemplating. I like the lighted area, ski lodge? And the red tail lights on the winding road. Well done :)

Howard Dion
Good God, Wilson. You must be traveling around the world at lighting speed. Now this particular image really has a lot going for it. All kinds of dynamic interplays. High rating from me.

Ignacio Berg

Richard Hans
Wilson, creative idea with unusual effect, best balance between static & dynamic, dark & bright, very well executed, stunning!!! Best regards.

Ken Beilman
Superb dynamic lighting range and well composed. Very nice!

nath guerin
yaow your exposure is just great areal pro with that...actually, I can't still make out if it is day or night!!!7/7

Mitchell Kirschner
A620! Great capture! My children are my own favorite subject, and I love looking at creative children photos. A confession: I've been checking here every week or so to see how you'd replace your dead A80. I see you went for the A620. No surprise there. Did you consider the A610 at all? I'm pondering one or the other as an out-and-about-leave-the-DSLR-at-home camera for creative family photos.

Linda Keagle
Wilson...I enjoy this image very much! The lighting is unusual with the exposures working well. The streak of light leading the eye down to the resort below along with your boy anchoring the picture created a dynamic and excellent shot!

Jason Williams
Great shot, I love it, awesome composition, nice light!

Jon Thornton
Very cool shot! I love the way you positioned the boy's head in front of the blurred chairlift lights.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
His face is totally recognizable, even from the side with a helmet. :-) I love the lights and the mountain. I miss skiing ... don't do it any more because the skiing here in the South is very ICY. Do you snowboard or do you ski? I'll bet he was thinking, "gosh, DAD ... put the CAMERA away. I'm SICK of it!!!"

Brad Kim
Great Work, Wilson.... I am amazed!!!!

Alex Milarakis
Excellent photo with amazing composition. Congrats !

Wilson Tsoi
"Strapping Up" for a night run. Sports, children, landscape, not sure what the category is, so went with travel instead. My boy waiting to race me back down to the lodge. Feedback is welcome.

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