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Published: Monday 6th of March 2006 08:30:40 PM


Bill Foster
You've got a lot of good basketball shots, but this is the best of them. I think it's quite difficult in any kind of photography with this kind of motion to get a good composition. The pyramidal scheme here is great and you got it at just the right moment. Very well done.

Howard Dion
Perfect title for a great action shot. The crop is well done as the viewer can't help but to try and help depedning on which color uniform they favor.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson- Super conglomeration of players in an almost ballet like dance position. I love the one in the back with his hand outstretched, his face up there, so high. Really neat! And if the players weren't enough, then we have the spectators in the background, interesting body language & so nicely diagonally placed. Yeap, 2 thumbs up!

Ken Beilman
Another very good action shot. These type of images are not easy to produce and you do it well.

MadeOfLight ...
One of the best basketball images I've seen...such awesome motion, and it reminds me of the old master paintings of struggle....

Sreten Pantelic

Excellent action stop wonderfully taken with nicely filled frame. What springs out from this outstanding sports photo, is great tension and dynamic coming out like a consequence of very aggressive defense. I like the basketball photography very much and this is a true eye-catcher imho. Congrats, Wilson!

Wilson Tsoi
"Resistance" Shoreline guard Ricky Washington (#12, game high scorer with 22 points,) is greeted at the baseline by Skagit's defensive wall which consists of guard Eddie Gallagher (#30) and forward Austin Wilcox (#50.) Dolphins end the regular season (11-5 in division) with a 93-80 win heading into post-season.

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