Blind man...

by Ursu Mihail

blind man seeking critique ursu mihail

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Category: Street

Published: Monday 6th of March 2006 02:14:34 PM


J Hill
You know, I find this very interesting. Although Image quality could be better...that's nto what it's always about. Looking at it at first I thought you had added the "In touch with life" part. But that's not so..... So it's has a very interesting conceptual value to it. I like it. As I said, the only thing that it could use is better image quality. And perhaps a different angle, more in from of him, so you could see his face. But I know how it is to shoot street. You literally have spit seconds to capture moments.

Guillermo Lobera Temes
Interesting shot. You have a good eye.

Alin Balanean
pe faza! Good shot Mihail! Right on time!

Mihail Ursu
Impressions? What do you think? any suggestions are waited:)

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