Homeless man sleeping on a air-vent...

by Ursu Mihail

homeless man sleeping on a air vent seeking critique ursu mihail

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Published: Monday 6th of March 2006 02:05:38 PM


Isabelle Hoogland
Nice job! This is great social commentary, describing Romania today. The older lady ignores "the problem", the young boy is curious (may some day decide to do something about it), and the sign on the building is completely out of place with the scene (or vice-versa) advertising "Excellence Is The Difference". What a state of general confusion! For improvement, maybe slightly different cropping, where the subject is not directly in the center....'not sure.... Nice job!

Dexter Dee Dee
Not pretty to see, but that's the way it is. Good capturing. DDD

Magnus Beierlein
Very strong street image indeed.....

Etan Lightstone
Comical and saddening. The boy peering at the man is what makes this photo though. It offers a sign of hope.

Mihail Ursu
Thank you Glad you apreciated the photo... I somehow didn't expect somebody to understand and translate the message on the wall... I agree...There are many such situations that show the complexity of the situation Romania is... Still... How did you know that it is Ro?

Alin Balanean
Trist! Agree with the very good comment of Isabelle. You could try a crop version, to get the man closer to a side of the photo. Good work!

Mihail Ursu
Arond A. Thank you, one thing I try is to put things in context... for example: 1) i've been told that Angst in German means Fear 2) the romanian writing there reads: "excellence makes the difference"

Arond A.
Crop nothing. Excellent in every respect. The uncomfortable posture, the background figures and word, the crutches propping up the individual. It's all there. Hardcore image with much impact. Not at all like the endless number of homeless shots we see on photo.net.

vera vraz
excellent photo!!!

Mihail Ursu
Hoping for comments Waiting for any comments and ideas on how to improve...

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