by Tsoi Wilson

soulful seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 3rd of March 2006 09:33:23 PM


Howard Dion
Wilson, I am impressed. Great shot capturing the words, the emotion, the soul, and probably the audiance reaction. Very well done.

Darren Brooks
Great capture, lots of energy.

Garry Morris
I like the effects on the image, great job! 7/7

Jason Adams
Looks like a GREAT shot to me. I am however fairly new to the photo world. How did you get the sharp face and fuzzy body?

cyrus K
Wilson, This tonality, including the black, is not easy to achieve, you know that!. Your lens wide open along with the effect you have created have rendered a great subject separation here. The lighting is beautiful and I love the shadows of her left hand fingers! The image is dynamic and conveys a lot of emotion. I'm normally sensitive about blown highlights but in this case, the hot pixels on her face, works just fine for me as I consider them 'sweet burns'. The only thing that I don't seem to be able to decide on, is the light area behind her. I'm not sure if that is too bright or not. Before I rate this fantastic capture of yours, I'd like to seek your help and know your thoughts.. Best regards.

Per Ole Hagen
Good energy! In my taste. Clear, soulful and with life. Great.

Linda Keagle
Hi Wilson Looks like a GREAT shot to me too, and I am not new to photography. There is a lot going on but the facial focus keeps it under control. The mood is conveyed quite well. Nice job!

Richard Hans
Wilson, you've capture the great moment here, the tone is stunning...everything has been written already about this OUTSTANDING piece!!! Congrats.

Ken Beilman
Wonderful capture of the mood, complete with very good effects.

Hiroya Hamamoto
Superb work! And now I got a lot to learn from this for shooting a singer on stage. Thank you!

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for your feeback, DOUG: Thanks. Pretty much that's how it was (still detail if examine closely.) GARRY: Appreciate your enthusiasm! DARREN: Thanks, appreciate it. PER OLE: Very glad you think so. HOWARD: Appreciate your feedback, Howard. CYRUS: Thanks for your elaborative feedback. Much appreciated. The light behind her is a box approximately 3'x3' square and there are two flanking both side of the stage which made it really tough to avoid. RICHARD: Thank you much for your vote of confidence. JASON: Thanks. Shooting at f1.4, I focused on the face making sure that it's sharp, sharp. To make the blur, I made a duplicate layer, go to Radial Blur, and select Zoom Blur. You can select the desired amount. Then you can dial in the level of opacity and/or selectively Erase the blurred layer thus leaving sharp area to come through. LINDA: G'day mate! Glad you like it. HIROYA: Thanks. Glad I can be of help! KEN: Very glad you like this, Ken. BILL: Thanks, Bill. Frankly, I think Paul Allen paid too much. Then again, it's fine as long as the bonuses doesn't screw up the caps! Wilson ^_^

Bill Foster
Very well done .... your PS work really compliments the photo. I love it when an artisit can have a great photograph to begin with and then use PS to improve it. You nailed it here. PS: you must be happy about Alexander re-signing! :-)

Paula Grenside
Great mood and intensity in this capture, Wilson.

Doug Bowles
It's good live shot, but I'm not crazy about the overexposed highlights on her face.

Wilson Tsoi
"Soulful" Shot a concern few weeks back. Not something I do on a regular basis so your feedback will be appreciated.

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