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by Peri John

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Published: Thursday 2nd of March 2006 12:32:42 AM


David McCracken
Intent? I am not sure the 'figure study' idea works in the home setting. I hope others will disagree. It is difficult for me to be objective on this one John. I know your work. However, she does seem more than a little uncomfortable and almost struggling. I really don't know what your intent was with this particular shot.

Jack Lo ... T-O
John after years of showing brightly-lit and happy eroticism, we have this all-grey affair. The figure seems to be involved in something sad or scary. There is no hint of joy here, not to mention ecstasy. Something gettin' ya down? [BTW; I just recently noticed your comment at the end of my folders. I'm both grateful and honoured that you said something both nice and incredibly insightful. I thought: does he know me?].

Bobby Chitrakar
Might work if the subject and background were not neglected but appropriate in terms of composition, focal length, subject matter and lighting.

Michael Connaghan
Recovery position? Looks to me like she fell down drunk and someone put her in the recovery position!

John Peri
Well, that's an interesting bunch of comments, thank you all. I should start by explaning that I don't have my computer at the present time (hard disk change following the Grew.A virus). I'm posting from a laptop and I have no idea what colours/contrasts etc., I'm uploading! The pose was intentional however and it's interesting to leave the classic scene sometimes, as Jim implies. The model is a remarkably agile woman and I more or less let her do her thing and just follow her around, snapping up her antics. I still called it a figure though study David, because her body is so muscular and expressive.

C. Daunis
I find it a unique and compelling image. It would seem to be the moment before she became part of a "crime scene". As in others with this model, portraying her excellent physique in any way is a brilliant move.

John Peri
Figure study .

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