ZD 201

by Peri John

zd nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 1

Tags: nude seeking critique

Category: Fashion

Published: Sunday 26th of February 2006 01:33:45 PM


James Baeza
Great image. The model is well composed and attired. My only wish would be more tone in the painting. Regards. -JWrightwood

Peter Meade
Hello John, this is a wonderful glamour image. The hat, gloves and setting give just a suggestion of sophisticated decadence. Regards. Pete

Els Wetting
perfect in color, composition, very beautifull, it is a painting in a painting itself Els

John Peri
Thank you all. I appreciate that. I am happy to have captured a part of her charisma. The model mellows well into the role that she assumes for herself, according to the situation and the background. As in many of my photos, the credit is due as much to her as to the photographer.

Marc G.
Hahahahaha... This one is truly fantastic. Beautiful, but mostly: so absolutely weird, crazy, unexpected and fun !

John Peri
Gloves and hat Just taking a few photos with a friend ...

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