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legs seeking critique chepikian paul

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Published: Sunday 26th of February 2006 09:19:44 AM


Andrew B
Very nicely done. I can see a little smudge where you have probably done cloning. Otherwise, I'd have to say your skill is better than mine! Great imagination

Paul Chepikian
Thanks so much, one and all. And to think I almost didn't post this. We photographers can be so "serious." Actually, this was just a fun project, a gift for a friend. Good eye, Andrew! If this was a "real" project, I would have gone the extra mile and tried to cross all my t's and dot all my i's and try and leave nothing to give it away. Kate: As far as how easy this was for me, I had a beta copy of photoshop when it used to be called Image Studio and came on floppies. I've been at this a long time and lots of trial and error has had its benefits. Also, I would say if you plan on doing lots of work like this, a large monitor and a cordless pen are invaluable. Thanks for noticing the shadow, Biblap! I did put some effort into it. Honestly, I sincerely appreciate the kind words. Hmm, maybe I should post some of my other "fun" stuff!

Biplab Sikdar
Paul excellent work ... nice management of the shadow of Hover on the footpath ... thanks again for sharing ... suggesting a caption "HOVERCRAFT" ... cheers ...

Kate Hatton
:O How do you guys DO this stuff????? You must have eyes like hawks and hands as steady as Mount Everest and the patience of a thousand saints to work on these images. Or do you have a secret weapon, a formidable piece of software that makes it easy? :)

Biplab Sikdar
Hi Paul it's really a nice fun stuff ... three year old Rija (my daughter) also enjoyed the snap and asked me that if it is a pix of ghost or not ... when answered in negative ... she asked about the legs of Hover and also to justify my answer ...

Paul Chepikian
That's very sweet, Biblap! It didn't occur to me that a young child might view this as a ghost due to the white lab coat! I hope you've explained to her what it is and that she understands. :-)

baogiang tran
Look so funny Paul nice PS work

Si Cliff
A great fun shop, I need to learn more !

Paul Chepikian
Thanks, Alin: I always hesitate to put the fun work out there for fear that no one will take me seriously :-) I should just have a category of fun stuff. I assure you I have plenty of these types of images. Friends fear when they know I have a photo of them for they don't know what I'll do with it. I'll have to give it serious consideration. This is actually one my most viewed images. Now only if I could do this in the nude, then I would really get some traffic :-) All the best...

Alin Balanean
"The half-invisible man" ;) Really cool! Great PS work! It will be interesting to see more from your "fun" work. The shadow gives a strong floating effect. Well done! Greetings!

Paul Chepikian
Legs just for fun! My friend Jason who seems to hover above everyone else.

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