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Published: Friday 24th of February 2006 11:29:11 AM


M.M. Meehan
This looks interesting. How did you do this? It would be really special if you could have captured a reflection of something red or some contrasting color in one of the flying drops. I would be tempted to crop out the white spots. They are the brightest spot in the photo and my eye goes directly to them.

Paul Chepikian
M.M. Thanks for the comments. In answer as to how I did it is: This is merely a fountain in Fresno, California where my mother lives. I was killing time while we were waiting for the movers. I decided to photograph the fountain as an experiment. Long ago I'd learned about freezing water in mid air. With the human eye, we see the water moving at all times. I knew there would be something in a moment of frozen time but didn't really know what I would capture. I've attached three samples of three different shutter speeds. The first and second shot show more or less what we see with the human eye. Sometimes, if we follow the falling water with our eyes, we catch a glimpse of what the camera sees. The third shows the water frozen in mid air as only a camera can see it. I'm a big fan of getting in up close and tight on my subject matter and you can see the results. The difficult parts are having enough light for the fast shutter speed. In addition, you want to close down the f-stop to have maximum depth of field which means you'll require even more light. One can increase the ASA to require less light but that adds grain. In a controlled environment, I would have flooded the subject with light, closed down my f-stop to have more depth of field and had a solid background. But I guess this isn't too shabby considering the situation. I agree with your note about the two white spots, hadn't even noticed them. Thanks for your time...

Kent B
Now that's pretty cool. Great freeze capture Paul. Great job on retaining the smallest details. The DOF background is perfect.

Paul Chepikian
Liquid or Solid Another example of freezing the motion of water. Part of an experiment. Once again, I love the abstract shapes within the image. Comment welcome and appreciated.

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