"Shiny and New"

by Tsoi Wilson

shiny and new seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Category: Architecture

Published: Friday 24th of February 2006 02:27:17 AM


Colin Carron
Great vigour, great colours!

Kim Slonaker
This "abstract" has it all, Wilson. Nice contrast of colors, sharpness, and interesting form & lines.

Ben S
yea, works great, being the bimbo that i am, i could not figure out this was a reflection before reading your note. the colors and clarity are very nice, and the unifying horizontal lines "holds" it all together.

Hanna V
dizzy abstract. a nice one!

Kelvin Bernard
Beautiful... ...Nice contrast between cool blues and warm ambers. Regards, Kelvin.

Howard Dion
This is the art work of Wilson Tsoi. The sports photography could make you money. This kind of stuff can make you famous.

Julian Chu
Interesting and creative composition, very nice color!

David McCracken
Redundant question.... I think anything of yours works Wilson! The question is quite redundant! Having said that, when I saw this thumbnail, I immediately thought of Carl Root.

Frank Melchior
Wilson My kind of photo, super composition and great color, another image for me to remember when I'm out and about.

Ken Beilman
Wonderful geometry and colors to this one. Well done, Wils.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
This is wonderful, Wils! I love the bold colors and lines. I also like the unique diagonal against the verticals/horizontals. Wonderful building abstract!!

James Kazan
It works for me especially the lines and color. It makes a great abstract because I had a hard time at first figuring out what is the original building and what is reflection and I like that. Ah! and a good example that perhaps a architectural abstract category would be nice here.

Best Regards

Jason Williams
Awesome lines, color, texture and patterns! Great composition!

Jon Thornton
I've seen quite a few city reflection shots, but the colour and composition of this one stands out. Well done.

C J Rupp
Wilson, this is one of the best Ive ever seen.The color and the intersecting diagoanls make this happen, along with a great exposure. One great abstract.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you much for your feedback, KELVIN: Thanks for your comment. McCRACKY: Okay, Okay. Redundant, redundant? Think so, think so? ^_^ BEN: Thanks for the FIVES and checking this out! JULIAN: Glad you like it. BILIANA: Your visit is always a pleasure. HANNA: Thanks! It's fun to be dizzy sometimes. HOWARD: Yeah, but don't know about famous though. ^_^ FRANK: Very glad you like it. Yeah, it's been a while, hasn't it?! LOU ANN: Glad you like this, Lou Ann. KIM: Thanks for the reminder, Kim. Gotta have the spelling right, don't we?! COLIN: Thanks for reviewing this. JASON: Thanks. Glad you like it. CHRIS: Thanks for your enthusiasm, Chris. KEN: Thanks, Ken. Appreciate your looking into it. JAMES: Similarly we both enjoy architectural abstracts. Really appreciative of your input. Keep the fire burning, baby! L.M.E.: Thank you Ma'am and really appreciate your feedback. JON: Thanks, Jon. Trust that all is well Down Under? CJ: Thanks. Very glad you enjoy this. Wilson ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"Shinny and New," Vancouver highrises. Architectural abstract of building reflection in downtown Vancouver BC. Works, doesn't work, what's your thoughts?

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